Grad School Discovery #1: Beer

free beer

Free food is the undergrad’s bait–it is everywhere throughout freshman year and continues to follow you until you graduate.  If someone wants you to socialize, join a club, or just show up at a designated time and place, free food will likely be involved…and maybe if someone really needs a big showing, free t-shirts will be thrown in as well.

Grad school discovery #1 is that after inputting all events I could find for the next month or so, at least 12 official graduate scheduled events involve beer, half of those involving free beer (in the other half, beer usually runs around $1).  Yes, of course an undergraduate career can involve it’s share of free beer; however, it is definitely a new experience having university events highlighting the fact.  Quite the interesting discovery.


As my roomate counterpart thinks, Cornell may be creating a link between genius and alcohol abuse.  I prefer to assume this is all just encouraging a more social environment, or let’s just hope!


4 thoughts on “Grad School Discovery #1: Beer

  1. Elizabeth, if you give me the $18,000 you were thinking about giving a grad school, I’ll give you all the beer you want for a year.

    Grad students also do well watching for Johnson Museum openings (next one is September 12th) featuring free fruit, cheese, and other hors d’oeuvres, and wine!

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